Flight Operations Unit

Our flight operations vehicle is for use as an air traffic control point at an incident helibase or other air operation sites where air traffic must be monitored and controlled. The main features are its' visibility, communications and flexibility since it could also serve as an Incident Operations Center, Staging Area Control Point, Incident Communication Center, Roadside Observation and/or Check Point.

Special features include:

  • 180 degree visibility from inside the rear of the vehicle
  • A control room plus "back room" office space with 3 work stations including telephones and laptop connections
  • A 38 MHz bandwidth UHF radio, with PC programmability, alphanumeric display, and 240 RF channels in the 136-174 MHz range
  • A 760-channel VHF radio in the 118.000-136.975 ranges; includes a David Clark interface and noise-attenuating headset
  • 3 charging units that expand the radio system by adding the users Bendix King LAA 100 or Bendix King LAA 105 personal portable radios to the system; each unit is equipped with it's own microphone and speaker
  • 6 hot points for cellular telephone travel chargers, laptops and any other electronic devices capable of operating from a vehicle cigarette lighter
  • FAX/printer and a plain paper copier
  • Electronic weather monitoring station
  • Vehicle-mounted windsock
  • Exterior PA system

Flight Operation Vehicle

Flight Operations Camp

Flight Operations Cabin

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