Ready in 24 Hours

When you need an Incident Base Unit up and running right away, turn to Expeditor’s Camp-in-a-Box and Camp-in-a-Sack. Ready to deploy and set up within 12-24 hours, these all-in-one solutions offer a quick and cost-effective way to get your base camp operation working safely and at full capacity. Get all the features you need, right out of the box.

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Flexible Configuration

Choose from two flexible IBU configurations to meet your specific needs and size parameters. Options include our Camp-in-a-Box with ten 10X32 office trailers, and our Camp-in-a-Sack with five 10x32 office trailers, each trailer is equipped with 7 workstations.

Fully Equipped

All Camp-in-a-Box ADA-compliant officer trailers feature a full range of office equipment to maximize productivity. Keep the lines of communication open with telephones, Internet access, copy and fax machines.

Working Comfort

Our well-equipped trailers ensure your staff stays comfortable while staying productive. All office trailers include HVAC, ergonomic chairs, awnings to protect from sun and heat, wheelchair lifts for added accessibility, and more.

Powered Up

Keep your base camp running and well-lit for added safety and productivity, with light towers and whisper-quiet generators ranging from 25KW to 125KW for any power need. All power cables and distribution boxes are outdoor rated and water tight for any weather environment.

Keep It Clean

Help your base-camp staff maintain a clean, hygienic, and safe environment with our hand washing trailer featuring 12 sinks with hot/cold water, and 40 garbage cans. Our refrigerated trailer with freezer keeps critical food, medicine, and other items preserved for safety.

Stay Informed

When it comes to keeping crew and groups of people informed of the latest developments, you’ll appreciate ample accommodations with 20 folding tables, 120 folding chairs, an information board, stage, and PA system.

Camp in a Box
Camp in a Box
Camp in a Box