Helicopter Operations

High Visibility & Flexibility

When helicopters and pilots are a critical part of your operation, Expeditors makes sure you’re able to keep in constant contact with them. Ideal for air traffic control or communications, our helicopter operations trailers serve effectively as an incident operations center, staging area control point, roadside observation, or check point.

Equipped For Work

Available in a two-room configuration, our helicopter operations trailers come with a full range of office equipment including phones and printers, a generator for continual power, and an HVAC system for ambient comfort. Units are also serviced regularly by knowledgeable support staff.

Total Visibility

Featuring 180-degree visibility and excellent communications, our self-powered and self-contained helicopter operations include UHF, VHF, and long range air-to-air radios, satellite Internet, as well as an exterior PA system.

Know The Weather

Staying on top of weather conditions is critical to safe operations. Our units include weather stations and a vehicle-mounted windsock to help you monitor conditions and keep pilots and passengers safe.

Flight Operations
Flight Operations
Flight Operations