Expeditors Equipment & Services

Expeditors has been a major provider of fire crew transportation since 1992. As such, we developed an interest in providing a range of equipment and services. We made Medical Supply Caches available in 1995. These units included all the elements required to establish an incident base medical unit.  We added Mobile Laundry Units in 1996.  In 1999 we added Tents in two sizes, a 20’ octagon for office space and 19’ X35’ for sleeping and meeting rooms. We also added Camp-in-a-box and Incident Office Units in 1999. Our most recent additions are Hand Wash Units and a Flight Operations Unit.  

Our equipment and services are signed up under U.S. Forest Service Emergency Equipment Rental Agreements and are available from various locations throughout the western U.S.

Service Regions Covered by Expeditors Fire Support Services

Expeditors provides fire support services and equipment for the support of disastrous incidents in locations throughout the western U.S.

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