Portable Shelters

We offer shelters in two sizes, a 20’ octagon and a 19’ x 35’ elongated octagon. These tents are suitable for temporary office, sleeping, storage, medical and many other uses.

The 20’ tent has 310 sq. ft. of usable floor space with four 36” x 36” windows.

The 19’ x 35’ tent has 593 sq. ft. of usable floor space with six 36” x 36” windows

Our tents are free standing, with self-supporting internal frames, covered with a space age heat reflecting fabric and 6’ vertical sidewalls. No center pole.

  • Doors can be located on either side as desired
  • All tents have floors and a 50’ power supply cord
  • Each window has a clear view panel, privacy flap and a screen
  • Each tent has interior lights and a 4 outlet box
  • Optional items include heaters, coolers, additional lights, outlet boxes and power cords

Set up time is approximately 1 hour per tent.

Shelter Set up

Multiple Shelters

Shelter Truck

Expeditors provides fire support services and equipment for the support of disastrous incidents in locations throughout the western U.S.

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