Mobile Laundry Unit

Our mobile laundry units can reduce problems caused by poison oak, lice, rashes, itching and other dirty clothing related medical problems.

We provide laundry service for the supply unit’s nomex inventory, blankets, sleeping bags and personnel clothing. Our units utilize a high-speed extraction process that reduces drying time to a minimum. We utilize environmentally safe laundry products only.

  • Wash and dry capacity of our units is 200 and 300 lbs per hour.
  • All units are hot water
  • 2000-gallon fresh water storage
  • 4000-galllon gray water storage
  • Powered by a Whisper Quiet generator
  • Appropriate staffing

User provides potable water and gray water disposal for laundry and coolers.

Mobilt Laundry Washers

Mobile Laundry Washers

Expeditors provides fire support services and equipment for the support of disastrous incidents in locations throughout the western U.S.

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