Medical Supply Unit

Medical Supply Cache

Our medical supply cache consists of a large inventory of OTC medical and sanitary supplies commonly in demand at base camps. The unit serves well as a focal point for Medical Unit operations at the incident base. Normal company staffing of the unit is 1 Technical Specialist who is primarily responsible for maintaining the inventory as it is dispensed.

The inventory is housed in a motor-home type vehicle featuring:

  • Dispensing windows
  • RV type side awning
  • 10’X15’ EZ Up shelter
  • Table, 4 chairs and 2 propane space heaters
  • 4 position hand wash station

There is no charge, to the user, for inventory items until they are dispensed.

Optional items include a 20’ octagon tent for office or rehab and additional Technical Specialists for 24-hour coverage.

Medical Supply Unit

Inside Hall

Hall View

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